Frequently Asked Questions?

How many pills per bottle?
Each bottle contains 12 pills. The usual dose is 1 - 2 pills before party. Do not take more than 4 pills within 24hrs.

Are there any side effects?
Side effects can include: insomnia, loss of appetite, jaw clenching, nausea, and altered sense of perception.

How do I pay?
The fastest way is to order securely online with your credit card. However we can also accept payment by bank wire or other means. Please contact us if you with to pay by other method other than credit card.

Is this shipped discreetly?
Yes, all orders are sent in a plain mail bag, with no mention of the contents, except for the customs decleration which is labled as dietary supplements.

Do I need a prescription to use TNT?
No you do not. Because TNT is an all natural herb supplement containing only the finest botanicals, there is no need to obtain a prescription, or have any embarrasing doctors visits. If you suffer any medical problems or on medication check the ingredients with your doctor first.

How long does it take to receive my order?
Generally your order will be processed and shipped within 24hrs. We ship all products from New Zealand, via express airmail, and delivery time will be 5 - 12 days. We have lots of experience exporting supplements and do all we can to get you your pills as quick as possible.

Do you guarantee your product?
We want our customers to be totally satisfied and only sell the best most effective products. We have had such positive feedback on TNT, that we offer a 60 day money back guarantee and if you are not 100% satisfied you can return them. We will refund you on any number of unopened bottles and up to 1 open bottle even if its completely empty.

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The results of these pills are great, and have no unpleasant side effects. I recommend them to anyone who wants that extra boost when they are partying.
- Karen

These pills are great for study, or anytime im tyred. Just marely for a energy boost I take just 1 pill. When Im ready to party all night long I take 3.
- Simon

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